• Question: Is the Big Bang theory true?

    Asked by join362paw to Sameed, Jose, Joanna, Heidi, Freya, Chris on 8 Nov 2019. This question was also asked by part362paw, AllHellHasBrokenLoose.
    • Photo: Jose Brandao-Neto

      Jose Brandao-Neto answered on 8 Nov 2019:

      There are many many observations that agree with a big bang origin of the universe. But it’s not a closed case, however seems very likely.

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    • Photo: Joanna Barstow

      Joanna Barstow answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      There’s very good evidence to suggest that the entire Universe started off at a single point in space, and the vast majority of scientists agree that the Big Bang happened. One piece of evidence is the fact that the Universe is still expanding. If we look at distant galaxies, we can see that they are all moving away from ours, and the further away they are the faster they are moving.

    • Photo: Freya Addison

      Freya Addison answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      Theories are just that, theories and often it is much easier to disprove a theory and prove it. The Big Bang is the leading theory because it explains so much of what we already know. We know that our universe is expanding, that is a fact. When we look up at the sky we are looking at history. The more distant galaxies, are moving away faster which make sense if they were closer in time to the point of the Big Bang. Also the temperature from the initial Big Bang will have, over time dissipated and the current average temperature of the universe corresponds with this. Most scientists at the moment support the Big Bang theory. So until new evidence suggests otherwise, I believe the Big Bang theory is the best explanation of the origins of our current universe.